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The Olive varieties


Cultivated around the historical city of the Aghlabides “Kairouan” as well as the highlands of Thala and locally called Sehli, The Chemlali variety is characterized by its slight bitterness with an aroma of sweet almond and sometimes fresh apple. At full maturity, the oil becomes sweet, with a less fruity taste and a dry almond flavor. Its mild fruity flavor stands alone or blends well with other varieties.


Specially cultivated in “Domaine Le Baron” field as well as our Northern Tunisian farms, the Chetwi variety is appreciated for its high oil content due to its richness in polyphenolic acids. Its low palmitic and linoleic acids content confers to it a greater stability against oxidation during storage. The resulting extra virgin olive oil displays ample bitterness and a slight of pepper with a hint of green almond.


Typically cultivated in the Center of Tunisia vast plains at the foot of “Djebel Weslat” mountain range and locally called Lguim. The Weslati variety exudes a harmonious, fruity and slightly bitter flavor along with freshalmond notes. It shigh consistency in polyphenol content confers to it a greater stability during storage


Introduced to Europe from the Middle East in the seventeenth century by the Duke of Medinaceli, the Arbequina is nowadays the Most popular variety in the world. Harvested earlier in the highlands of Thala, the Arbequina is recognized for its aromatic ripe fruitiness, low bitterness, pungency and stability. Freshly harvested, it offers a wide range of flavors as apple, almonds, walnuts, fennel, spearmint, anise, green grass and tomato, with a surprising touch of green pepper.


Native to the southwestern region known as Messenia in Greece, the Koroneiki variety have been considered ‘the queen of olives’. While the olives themselves are very small, they contain very high levels of polyphenols, which may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Cultivated around the historical city of the Aghlabides “Kairouan”, the Koroneiki is recognized for its fruity taste with hints of dried herbs followed by a mild bitterness and a pungency at the finish.